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About the law clerkship

Clerking with a judge of the Federal Court of Appeal is a unique experience. The Federal Court of Appeal decides issues in tax law, IP law, federal administrative law, etc. Its broad mandate offers a wide and diversified view of Canadian federal law.

Work Setting

As an FCA law clerk, you will work with a judge of the FCA, but you are also part of a team of law clerks. Your workplace is in a room with the other FCA law clerks. Regular discussions are held on the legal issues you may be facing in the cases you are working on. In addition, the year begins with extensive in-depth training on the various areas and issues of law you will be working on – standard of review, IP law, tax law, appellate jurisdiction and many other topics.

Opportunities to observe the law in action

When the FCA sits in Ottawa, you are encouraged to attend the hearings, especially if your judge is sitting on the panel.

As well, you have the opportunity to attend the Supreme Court of Canada hearings of the cases coming from the FCA. Prior to the SCC hearing, a discussion is organized with the judge who wrote the reasons of the decision being appealed to the SCC.

FCA Policy concerning videoconferences for the FCA law clerks

In order to allow the FCA law clerks the opportunity to attend hearings outside Ottawa, the Director of the FCA law clerk program will organize the videoconferencing of selected hearings throughout the year. These videoconferences are only intended for the FCA law clerks, for training purposes. The hearings will not be recorded. It is understood that the videoconferencing of hearings is subject to the consent of the panel and of the parties, as well as to the availability of the equipment and the appropriate rooms.

Applying for a law clerkship

Please consult the information and find the link for the online application at Application for law clerkship