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This Internet site has been designed as an access point to up-to-date information regarding the Federal Court of Appeal (Canada), as well as a vast collection of the Decisions of this court.

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The first menu bar on the top of the page allows you to perform navigational tasks that are frequently used, including:

  • switching between the two official languages; in this case, from English to French
  • go to the home page with a welcome message from the Chief Justice, a What's New section, regularly updated, and an image of a map of Canada that leads you to contact information for the local Registry Offices across the country
  • allowing you to contact us
  • providing help by directing you back to this page
  • running a search to locate a topic of interest, or
  • consulting the site map for an overview of the navigational structure of our site.

The Home Page

On the home page you will find another notable region which is the "What’s New" area. It is updated regularly with links to information that has recently been modified or added to the site, and also a link to the Registry offices of the Court.

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Keep in mind that while visiting the Federal Court of Appeal web site, the sidebar is your key navigational tool. From the home page, it allows you immediate access to the site section that interests you. Once you are in a new section, it will adapt to the new topic, providing you with new hyperlinks related to your subject.

Audience Views

We also categorized our site's content into three separate Audience Views - or Resources, each with their own distinct audience-related content. This content is the same content found within the other sections of the top and side navigational regions; however, it is simply organized differently to aide specific audience groups find related content (for the legal profession, for self-represented litigants, for media and public).


This region is where all content is displayed. Though the majority of content on this site is available in HTML format, from time to time a pdf format is used to facilitate the displaying and printing of certain documents. To view these documents, you will need to download the free plug-in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once installed on your workstation, Acrobat Reader will be launched from within your browser each time you select a PDF document for viewing. Please consult the web site of Adobe Systems Incorporated for more technical information regarding their product.

Site map

Please consult the site map for an overview of the navigational structure of our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our FAQ area for additional useful information.


This region remains constant throughout the site. Footer links are available on every page, providing quick access to less frequently used, but nonetheless important, areas such as the "Important Notices", a link that will bring you to the top of the page, and the date when the content was last modified.

Important Notices

Please visit our important notices section for information concerning copyright, permission to reproduce, third-party material, privacy, the use of official languages and other related notices.


While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accessibility of this site, some content or services found here might be inaccessible to some visitors. If for any reason you have trouble accessing the content of this site, please contact us at reception@cas-satj.gc.ca. You can use the same email address for comments or enquiries concerning the administration of this site

NOTE: This e-mail address should NOT be used for filing documents, sending correspondence, making enquiries regarding court proceedings and decisions of the Courts, or for requesting photocopies or other information. However, comments or suggestions for this web site are most welcome.

Procedural business

For general enquiries regarding procedural business of the Courts, please contact the Registry of the Federal Court of Appeal.