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Proceeding Queries

Indexing Queries

Indexing Queries allows a user to query the Federal Court of Appeal database of indexed cases using the internet. You can search the database using one of four methods: by Court Number, by Party Information, by Intellectual Property or by Related Cases. The results of each query appear on the screen with a hyperlink on the Court Number that opens a new window called Additional Information. The Additional Information window contains more information about the selected court number.

Recorded Entries Queries

Recorded Entries Queries allows site visitors to query the Federal Court of Appeal database of recorded entries for cases. A Recorded Entry is a brief description of a document that has been filed or of an event that has transpired (e.g. a court hearing). One queries the database using the Court Number. If you do not know the court number, you may go to Indexing Queries and retrieve it from the Parties database.